Knowing what suits your body shape is essential before investing in holiday staples. Whether you're an apple shape or hourglass, you can make the most of your figure with flattering swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis and cover-ups.


How Do I Choose A Swimsuit For My Body Type?

When choosing swimwear for your body type you need to take into consideration how different styles can enhance and flatter your figure. But if you’re stuck wondering ‘What body shape am I?’, our handy guide will give you the rundown of the most common female body types and the key pieces from our range or flattering swimwear that suit them best. Read on to find the fits that our expert buyers have selected as the perfect swimwear to suit a range of body types.


What Swimwear is Best for a Pear-Shaped Body?

The best swimsuits and bikini for a pear-shaped body are those that will balance out your shape with clever cuts and detailing as a pear-shaped body typically carries weight on the bottom half of the body, with hips wider than the shoulders.

Picking the perfect bikini styles for a small chest can complement your shape. Choose printed or embellished bikinis, bandeau tankini tops, or swimsuits to add emphasis to the top half of the body.


What Swimwear is Best for an Hourglass Body Shape?

Bikini types that suit an hourglass body include underwired and halterneck bikini tops, paired with a gorgeous pair of high waisted bikini bottoms as supporting and enhancing your assets is key. If you have an hourglass body shape but prefer to wear swimsuits, we would highly recommend one pieces and skirted swimsuits to flatter those curves.

An hourglass body shape typically means you have a well-defined waist and large, equal-proportioned hips and bust, so with a gorgeous curvy figure you should be choosing the right swimwear to to enhance your body shape for ultimate poolside posing.


What Swimwear is Best for Apple Shaped Bodies?

Bikinis and swimsuits for apples shapes should aim to define a waist and minimise a rounder tummy. Our range of flattering swimming costumes will give those who are fuller around the middle with little to no definition at the waist added confidence by the beach.

Those looking to cater for big busts and tummy worries should consider wrap swimsuits and slimming swimwear. High waisted bikinis are also ideal for supporting your assets.


What Swimwear is Best for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

Ladies with an inverted triangle body shape can be clever with the swimwear they choose by playing with print placement and pairing printed bikini bottoms with plain bikini tops. As women with an inverted triangle body shape typically to have broad shoulders, narrow hips and a large bust, the top half of the body tends to be larger than the bottom meaning the pairing of plain and printed bikini tops and bottoms proportions out the body and creates a curvy look.


What Swimwear is best for a Rectangle Body Shape?

The swimwear best for those ladies with a rectangle body shape include padded bikinis to enhance the bust and create curves on an athletic body. If you’re looking for something with more coverage, choose a printed swimsuit or layered tankini top to achieve the same effect.

Those with a rectangle body shape have small hips and shoulders and have little to no definition to the waist so being clever with your swimwear options is key!


Now you have an idea of which swimwear styles will best suit you, sit back, relax and soak up the sun in style this year. Also, don’t forget to check out our Ladies Guide to Swimwear for the answers to all the questions you may have around the wear and care of swimwear.