The Perfect Summer Work Outfits: Ultimate Guide

We know that the British summer is an unpredictable beast. The sun is shining one minute, and the heavens have opened the next. Nevertheless, picking out your summer work wardrobe and selecting the ideal summer work outfits can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the fashion experts at M&Co have all the style tips you’re likely to need as we hope and pray for some beautiful weather. Check out our advice on the perfect women’s office outfits below and share your own work outfits on social media with #MyMandCo. . .

What to wear at work in summer 

Let’s be honest, getting up and getting dressed for work is never fun and, in the summer, it can be even less so. That’s because the British office is the champion of stuffiness, with a temperature that is generally the exact opposite of what you would want it to be. Because of this, staying stylish and comfortable at work in the summer is a difficult task, with weather that switches from warm to arctic seemingly overnight and air-conditioning that can never quite get it right. 

What do you wear in an office in the summer?

This depends on what the dress code is in your own office as each business will have their own ideas of what their employees should be wearing. However, creating a chic summer work outfit that keeps you cool and comfortable could include anything from a beautiful summer dress or even a classic lightweight jumpsuit or blouse. Couple either of these with some comfortable footwear like flats or even discreet sandals and you’ll stay stylish all summer long. 

If you do go for a blouse instead of a dress or jumpsuit, pair it with some smart jeans or even a pair of contrasting chinos for a super stylish and summery look. 


Casual Friday office outfits

If your office has a strict dress code during the week and offers a casual Friday alternative, then picking what to wear in the heat of summer can be tricky. Stick to light and floaty dresses that flatter your figure for your casual Friday outfits. Doing this means you can enjoy being comfortable at work and stay stylish if your colleagues want to go out for a drink after work to celebrate a job well done. 

Maxi dresses provide a great addition to the working wardrobe, especially with the different varieties readily available. The M&Co collection of maxi dresses is filled with colour, stylish touches and comfortable materials – everything you would want from a casual Friday outfit. 

What to wear when cycling to work

We would like to think it’s pretty obvious that wearing a dress on your cycling commute to work isn’t the best idea. Getting your clothes caught in bike spokes as well as the gear mechanism is the stuff of nightmares, so you’ll be better off wearing jeans or trousers on your commute and then changing into your work attire once you get there if that’s an option. 

Rolling your dress up into a rucksack along with your work shoes and any of your valuables should keep it from creasing on the journey, giving you the opportunity to change once you arrive for the working day. 

Cycling to work is becoming more and more popular. Behind walking and driving, cycling is the most popular commuting style, but it requires a bit more thought as to what you should wear to make sure there are no nasty accidents – that’s not the ideal way to start your day. 


What not to wear to work

This is entirely dependent on your workplace. Deciding on what clothes to leave in your wardrobe for a weekend night out rather than wearing to work doesn’t need to be a chore. As a rule, stay clear of overly revealing pieces of clothing like those that show just a little too much cleavage as well as those that are made from a sheer material. 

It may be the case that your office or working environment is pretty relaxed about the dress code but it’s always best to play it safe so you don’t attract any unwanted attention from your employers. 

What to wear for work experience?

If a teenager in your family is heading out into the big wide world of work for their very first work experience placement, then making sure they’re dressed to impress is incredibly important – after all, first impressions count. Their dress code will ultimately depend on where they’re working, they may even have to wear a uniform, but if not, there are a few tips we think are good to impart to them. Call them words of wisdom if you wish. 

Stick to a conservative colour scheme for workwear, especially if they’re not entirely sure of the dress code or formality of the placement they’ll be doing. After the first day, things will be slightly clearer, opening up different options of dress for the remaining week. If the placement will have them working outdoors, a good pair of hardwearing shoes and a waterproof jacket are a must. If it’s an office, then blouses, shirts, trousers and smart shoes are the order of the day. 


All summer long, keep yourself stylish at work and be the envy of your colleagues with our fabulous fashion tips. Don't forget to check out our workwear trend edit for more style inspiration.