The Perfect Summer Outfits for Your Holiday

You’ve booked your Summer get-away, you’ve stocked up on toiletries and have your passport at the ready, but now you need the perfect Summer holiday outfits. From maxi dresses to wear to the beach to stylish outfits for city breaks and cooler holidays, the fashion experts at M&Co have all the styling tips you need to make you holiday ready no matter where it is you’re going.

What should I wear this Summer holiday?

Ah, the Summer holiday season is finally upon us and we couldn’t be more excited about it, but if you’re asking yourself “what should I wear in Summer?” then we have the answers. Holidays don’t necessarily mean lying on a sun lounger soaking up the sun and dipping in and out of the pool, they’re different for everyone. While bikinis and swimsuits are a suitcase essential for hot destinations, you probably won’t need these if you’re heading on a city break. We’ve detailed our key outfit picks for each kind of holiday below.

Hot holiday outfits

Holidays are all about living in your own little bubble, and what better bubble to be in than one that has sun, sea and sunglasses written all over it! It goes without saying that when choosing your outfits for a hot destination, you need to pack with the weather in mind. No need for jackets or long sleeved tops, it’s all about the summer dresses, skirts and shorts! When travelling to a hot destination you need to have your poolside look perfected! For beach-body confidence around the pool our swimwear collection includes slimming swimwear that is designed to flatter your figure and create a sleek silhouette. Opt for fun prints and bold colours and make a statement poolside. Slip seamlessly from the sand to the bar with a beach cover up that’s perfect for quickly popping on over your bikini or swimsuit. Kaftans, kimonos and beach maxi dresses are all ideal for heading down to breakfast, going for lunch or taking a nice walk along the beach. A hot destination always calls for a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat. Not only will you protect yourself from those rays, but you’ll be making a real style statement. Eating dinner with a drink in hand and watching the sun go down – ah, we can just picture it now. There’s nothing better than getting ready for a lovely meal in a hot destination. The best Summer dresses to wear on holiday nights are those with a lightweight material to keep you as cool as possible. A maxi dress is hard to beat on holiday - stylish and summery, they’re the ideal option for an evening. Not only are they formal enough for a dinner out, but they’re super comfortable and versatile, making them a suitcase essential. For something different to a maxi dress, choose strapless and cold shoulder dresses in gorgeous prints and colours, meaning the only accessory you’ll need is an umbrella drink. Pair your holiday evening outfit with a pair of sandals or wedges and you’ll be ready to see where the night takes you.


Outfits for cooler holidays

Heading off somewhere cooler? Don’t worry, we’ve still got all the best outfits for Summer even if you aren’t a sun-seeker! If you’re going on a trip here in the UK, we all know the weather can be a bit hit and miss. One day it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. For those sunny days, choose a Summer dress that’s perfect for a day out and pair with sandals or trainers depending on where your day is taking you. A picnic is the perfect summer trip. Drinks, snacks and sitting in the sun – what more could you want? Picnic outfits can be so simple, anything goes! If it’s a little chilly outside or mother nature has opened up the heavens, summer outfits such as dresses, shorts and skirts still work perfectly, just pop over a denim, utility or biker jacket and choose suitable shoes to keep your feet warm and dry such as trainers or boots.


Outfits for city breaks

If venturing away to explore different cities is your kind of holiday, then we have the best city break wardrobe for you. Comfort should be your priority for all the walking you’re about to be doing, and with many cities abroad still being hot throughout the Summer, we’ve got everything that will keep you cool and comfortable. For ultimate comfort, a pair of trainers are the ideal option but if it’s quite hot then you might want to choose a pair of sandals that are perfect for day-to-night dressing. If sandals are what you want, opt for a pair with a comfortable sole to ensure you’re protecting your feet from all the walking your day will consist of. For your city break outfits, it’s pretty much whatever you feel great in. A lightweight day dress is the perfect option for something that will keep you cool throughout the day, or for something chic and stylish, opt for some denim shorts or a skirt and pair with a t-shirt – an ideal daytime look! When exploring your way through the city, you’ll need something to carry your essentials in. From sunglasses to your purse and a bottle of water, be sure to take a handbag with you that’s comfortable to carry, yet stylish enough to make a statement when walking through those city streets.


How to pack your suitcase

The best way to pack your suitcase is by having a list to hand. Before it’s time to do your packing, sit down and write a list of everything that you’ll need – this way you can tick off as you go, and you won’t be leaving anything important behind! Start off by laying everything you need out and begin packing your case with the heaviest items first, this way it won’t be too top heavy, and your delicates won’t crease. Be sure to roll and fold your clothes in a way that’ll reduce creasing for when you arrive at your destination and if you have any fragile items wrap these up in clothes or bubble wrap to avoid any unwanted damage. Don’t forget when travelling abroad you have a certain baggage allowance. Going over this can result in some hefty fees so it’s always a good idea to weigh your suitcase before you go and always leave yourself some room for error in case the airport scales are slightly different. You’re now packed and you’re ready to go! Wherever you’re going on holiday this year, with our top holiday outfits we know you’ll be walking through the streets in style. Be sure to check out our holiday shop for all your suitcase essentials.