Lingerie For Your Body Shape

Us women all know our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so, sometimes trying to find the perfect lingerie for your body type can seem a little bit daunting. What styles of lingerie will suit me best? Is there even such thing as pretty bras for big busts? Of course there is! Just like everyone else, you want to find flattering underwear for your shape, so, whether you’re an hourglass, apple, or rectangle body shape, there’s something out there to suit you no matter which one you’re rocking. Whatever your style, we’re here to help you feel confident and fabulous in your underwear with this handy guide all about lingerie for different body types.

What lingerie is best for a pear-shaped body?

The best underwear for pear-shaped bodies are those that balance out your shape as people with this body type tend to be smaller on the top half, carrying most of their weight on the bottom half of the body, with hips wider than shoulders.

A pear shape means a smaller bust, so drawing attention to the top half of the body is a must. Plunge bras are the perfect lingerie for smaller busts as they will boost your cleavage giving you that enhancement you’ve been looking for. If plunge bras aren’t your thing, instead choose padded bras as these will give you a slight boost, but nothing too crazy! In terms of the bottoms you should go for, opt for knickers that will smooth your hips such as high leg briefs.


What lingerie is best for an hourglass body shape?

The best lingerie for an hourglass figure is those that are perfect for flattering a curvaceous figure. Hourglass shapes consist of a clearly defined waist and well-proportioned hips and bust; therefore, you don’t want to add any extra volume where it’s not needed and should choose something that accentuates your waist.

Stay away from bust enhancing bras and instead opt for an underwired bra that will offer support and comfort.  The best underwear for an hourglass figure involves something that adds that extra detail such as lace lingerie sets. A matching set is perfect for achieving ultimate confidence and feeling great!

What lingerie is best for apple shaped bodies?

Lingerie for apple shape bodies should aim to define the waist and minimise a rounder tummy. With a curvaceous figure, you want to enhance all your favourite parts of your body (usually your legs). Shapewear is perfect for enhancing curves, smoothing your silhouette, and ultimately boosting confidence, and high-waisted briefs are perfect for showing off your slender legs, as well as offering tummy support.

An apple body shape typically means you need suitable lingerie for a bigger bust. Again, with a bigger bust you should stay away from padded or plunge bras that add extra volume, and instead opt for full cup bras that will provide full coverage and support. Another option is multiway bras, these are perfect for offering support that suits your comfort levels due to the variety of ways you can have your straps – an underwear essential!


What lingerie is best for an inverted triangle body shape?

The key to choosing lingerie for an inverted triangle body shape is to find something that will balance out your body. Someone with an inverted triangle shape tends to have a larger upper half with broader shoulders, larger bust and narrow hips. Choose lingerie that will slim down your shoulders such as multiway bras with a halterneck strap. When it comes to patterns and prints, keep your top half sleek and simple, and play around with print placement by adding extra detail on your bottom half such as lace or printed knickers in order to attract attention to your lower body and proportion out your shape.

What lingerie is best for a rectangle body shape?

Lingerie that’s best for a rectangle body shape includes plunge or padded bras to enhance your bust and create curves in all the right places. Women with an inverted triangle body shape have an athletic style figure meaning that they have small hips and shoulders, with little to no definition to the waist, so being clever with your lingerie is key.

Opt for high-waisted briefs that will bring definition to your waist, and choose lace bras which are sure to add that pretty extra detail to your upper half making them a flattering choice!


Now you have a better understanding of which lingerie styles will suit your body shape best, it’s time to feel great and have the ultimate body confidence! For more information on our bra styles, check out our bra style guide and find the perfect fit for you.