How Shapewear is Used to Boost Body Confidence

Body confidence. Something we either love or hate talking about. We all know what it's like trying on outfits for a night and feeling glum when you look in the mirror. Body confidence is sometimes hard to achieve, but shapewear is one way that can help you gain it. Luckily for you, M&Co has a vast range of shapewear from control briefs, to under slip dresses and skirts that are the ideal option to make you feel great when feeling a little low. Our experts have put together this guide about all things shapewear and how it’s used to give you that extra boost, so carry on reading to find out everything you’ve been wanting to know.

What is shapewear and how does it work?

Shapewear is an undergarment that aims to offer support and give a slimmer appearance. Shapewear has started to become more and more popular and from what used to be just a one-piece garment, shapewear now comes in all different forms and styles such as control briefs, slip dresses, slip skirts and shaping vests .

So how does shapewear work?

It’s compression underwear that pushes your fat in and compresses your stomach to achieve a slimmer look. You must be careful not to wear shapewear that’s too tight for a long period of time as it puts pressure on your body, meaning it can slow down the blood circulation around that particular area of your body.

Can shapewear boost body confidence?

Shapewear tends to be used in order to boost body confidence, yes. Shapewear is a quick and easy way to enhance confidence and the way you feel when it comes to heading out, especially in fitted outfits. Many women may have ‘lumps and bumps’ that they want to disguise when going out, and shapewear is the ideal solution to this. Although body empowerment is a huge topic at the moment and everyone is encouraged to love their body the way it is, all women still want to look and feel great as much as possible. With more and more people learning to love their bodies and staying away from surgery, shapewear is a quick, easy and most importantly, safe way of boosting self-confidence.

Which shapewear is best for slimming?

To create a slimmer figure, the best shapewear for women is… all of them! Each of our shapewear garments will create a sleeker silhouette - whichever you choose will just depend on what type of clothing you wear. The best shapewear for dresses would be our slip dresses and skirts. They’re designed to create that perfect silhouette and give you that extra bit of confidence. This range is perfect for dresses as our full slips will slim your full body, or there are half slips that are perfect to sit underneath a skirt. Firm control shapewear, including our control briefs, is the perfect option no matter what outfit you decide to wear. Designed to hold your stomach in, they offer light, medium and firm control styles for you to choose which is most comfortable. If you’re looking for shapewear for love handles, then control briefs are perfect. They’ll smooth your hips and enhance your shape.


How should shapewear fit?

Shapewear should fit snug to your body, making you feel comfortable. If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort, it’s probably because the shapewear is too tight and digging into your skin. Shapewear that’s too big for you will be baggy and won’t perform how it’s supposed to. When trying on shapewear, walk around a little to ensure it fits nicely and stays in place. The best shapewear shouldn’t hurt and should feel comfortable for the full amount of time you’re wearing it.

Does shapewear change your body?

Shapewear doesn’t change your body permanently, but temporarily gives you a slimmer, sleeker look when wearing the undergarments. Shapewear will smooth your hips and hold you in.

Is it ok to wear shapewear every day?

It is fine to wear shapewear every day as long as it fits correctly and comfortably. The only time wearing it daily will be an issue is if it’s too tight for you as this will cause your blood circulation to slow down due to the pressure it will be putting on your body.

Can you sleep in shapewear?

We wouldn’t recommend sleeping in shapewear as there is no benefit to it. Shapewear is used to make you feel confident in your clothes, so sleeping in it would be pretty pointless and most probably quite uncomfortable


Can shapewear help you lose weight?

Shapewear doesn’t help you drop numbers on the scales but gives you a slimmer appearance. If you see shapewear advertised as a solution to weight loss, this is false information. The best way to lose weight is by following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Does shapewear really work?

Shapewear does what it says on the tin. It works to compress your stomach and give you a slimmer, sleeker look. What it doesn’t do is help you drop a few pounds. Shapewear simply enhances your figure on a temporary basis. With our range of shapewear your self-confidence can be boosted in minutes. With everything from knowing whether you can sleep in shapewear, to finding out whether it can help you lose weight, you now have all the answers you’ve been after. Now go out, have fun, and feel great in your new shapewear!