Dresses by Occasion: Find the Ideal Dress for Every Event

If you’ve got a big event coming up in your diary then you’re probably starting to think and panic about your outfit choices. What types of outfit can I wear for different occasions? What style of dress is best for a wedding? Do you have to dress smart for a christening? All these questions are likely to be sat at the back of your mind; but fear not, the fashion experts at M&Co have all the answers. Be the best dressed wherever you are and whatever you’re doing with this handy guide from M&Co. .

Dresses to wear to a wedding

When dressing for a wedding it’s always important not to outshine the bride. A lot of factors may come into consideration for a wedding with things such as a dress code, the season at the time of the wedding, and whether you’re going to the ceremony or just the reception.

If you’re in doubt about what to wear you can always call the bride or get in touch with her family and friends for some guidance, but our top choice would be a gorgeous midi dress. With the length sitting between a mini and maxi dress, the midi is the perfect option to suit all formalities of an event and all weathers. Midi dresses typically work well for everyone due to the vast amount of styles available, making it great for any body shape.

Maxi dresses also work well for wedding guests but be careful with colour choice to ensure you don’t clash with the bride or bridesmaids. Maxi dresses are ideal throughout the year as lighter pastel, and bold and bright shades are the perfect summer option, and darker colours work perfectly in winter, and they’ll keep your legs warm too!

For more wedding guest etiquette, be sure to check out our top tips on the ideal dresses for wedding guests.

Dresses to wear to a christening

Christenings don’t tend to require an overly formal dress code, but it’s still the perfect occasion to get your best dress on and look smart, especially if you’re one of those with a leading role on the day.

Christenings and naming ceremonies are joyous occasions, and this should be reflected in your outfit choice. Wear bright, happy colours and make a statement. For a christening any dress goes really. Choose from a range of maxi dresses and midi dresses or opt for a shift dress or fit and flare dress.

A dress doesn’t have to be the only option either, a classic midi skirt would work well or you could pick a jumpsuit to stay comfortable and stylish. Be mindful of the weather outside and where you’ll be going after the church as this will be the real outfit decider.


Dresses to wear to a ball

For a formal evening event such as a ball, the type of dress you go for should all depend on style, materials and colours. Opt for premium fabrics such as lace and chiffon and make sure your choice of dress is elegant and classy, using bold block colours, monochrome or delicate pastels. If you’re going for a plain colour, use gems, sequins or beads to add a dash of sparkle.

The weather should also be taken into consideration when choosing your perfect outfit. Our collection of occasion dresses boasts a range where you’re sure to find something to suit. In the colder months opt for a long-sleeved dress, and during the warmer months choose a dress with shorter sleeves but be prepared with a shrug or cardigan just in case the nights chill off.


Dresses to wear to the races

The races are the perfect opportunity for you to get your glad rags on, look classy and elegant and have a fantastic day. Races tend to have a dress code, some stricter than others, but if you’re in the grandstand you can typically experiment with your outfit slightly more than a premium enclosure. Any of our occasion dresses will work perfectly for the grandstand, or if a dress isn’t for you then opt for sleek separates or a classy jumpsuit – these will look equally as stunning.

If you’re in a premium enclosure, it’s important to stick to a much more formal outfit choice and abide by all the dress code regulations. A slightly longer dress tends to sit well within the dress code as you’re not revealing too much, and with floral print being such a fashion trend opt for a floral maxi dress and you’re guaranteed to wow the people around you.

Don’t forget to make a statement with a stunning hat or fascinator that will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit and get heads turning. For more race outfit tips, we have all the do’s and don’ts of what to wear at the races.

Dresses to wear to parties

Dressing for a party pretty much depends on what the type of party it is as the level of formality can differ. Whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party or office party we have the perfect outfit choices for you.

What should I wear to a birthday party?

When it comes to what dresses to wear to a birthday party you should consider the theme, venue and crowd that will be there. For example, what you wear to a kids’ birthday party at a village hall will be different to what you’d wear to a 30th birthday party in a function room.

For a casual party, a relaxed maxi dress will always be a winner whether it’s a day or a night event. Lightweight, floaty fabrics with minimum fuss are ideal for a casual event and if the party is taking place during the day choose one of our day dresses for an easy yet gorgeous look, but remember to take seasonality into consideration with your accessories and cover ups in case it’s outdoors.

For a more formal birthday party any of our women’s dresses would fit perfectly. Choose something sparkly and elegant from our party dresses collection to really make a statement, or go for something casual like a shift dress and accessorise it to your heart’s content.


What should I wear to an engagement party?

You’ve been invited, you’ve RSVP’d, and it’s in your diary… but what do you wear? Engagement parties are the perfect excuse to get dressed up and celebrate the bride and groom to be, but you should always take into the account the time of day and location of the party. The perfect dresses to wear to an engagement party include those that will flatter your figure, so you look and feel fabulous all night long. To help you find the right dress we’ve picked out the best dresses for your body shape to ensure you find the perfect fit!

For a night event, opt for one of our occasion dresses to make a statement, but for a party during the day, choose something more casual like a fit and flare dress or day dress. As a rule of thumb, we’d also suggest staying away from white as the bride to be tends to want to wear this colour, and you don’t want to clash with her.

What should I wear to the office party?

Wondering what to wear for an office party can always be a tricky one as it’s not just another day at work and you want to jazz yourself up, but you still want to keep it work appropriate. Some office parties are a simple get together during the working day, while others may be a more elaborate affair outside of work hours.

If the office party is during work hours, then it’s probably best to choose a work appropriate outfit. Our range of work dresses will have you looking smart and sophisticated, while still stepping into the office in style.

Office parties that are outside of work hours give you the chance dress up and show your colleagues a side of you they don’t normally see. Just remember it’s important to keep the right balance of having fun and staying professional. Keep your outfit choice modest by keeping parts of your body like your cleavage covered, and instead opt for something with a higher neckline to stay classy.

Dresses to wear on a date

Whether it’s a first date or a date with your partner who you’ve been married to for 20 years, you still want to make an effort and dress up to impress. The type of outfit you choose when heading out with someone all depends on the type of date you’re going on. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit on a picnic date as you would a dinner and drinks date.

If it’s a casual date during the day, opt for a cute day dress for a classic chic look but make sure you wear something comfortable if you’re going to be wearing it all day. On the other hand, if you’re heading out for a lovely dinner and drinks, you’ll probably want to go for something more formal that will make you feel great all night. A plain black dress always works well when dressed up with accessories, or opt for a bolder choice and go for something pattered or brightly coloured.


Dresses to wear to a funeral

Funerals tend to have an all-black dress code which has been a tradition for many years dating way back to the Roman empire. However, some families may put in place a certain dress code such as a splash of colour to make the occasion into a celebration of life. Whether you’re wearing black or following a dress code, stick to smart attire such as a midi or shift dress, or opt for pencil skirt, trouser suit or jumpsuit.


Whatever the occasion, wherever the event, you’re sure to be the best dressed when following our styling tips, so RSVP in style and don’t forget to share on social #MyMandco.