Christmas Eve Pyjamas for the Full Family

Christmas Eve is fast approaching which means it’s time to start thinking about all the wonderful things you do on this festive night. We all have our own little traditions from watching Christmas films to having a special dinner, hanging out your stockings and leaving a carrot for Rudolph, but do you wear new pyjamas on Christmas Eve? As far as traditions go, we just love this one! Whether you’ve grown up with new pyjamas for Christmas Eve or if it’s something you want to start with your own family, there’s nothing better than slipping into a cosy pair of pyjamas when settling with the kids or getting in from the pub..

Are Christmas Eve Pyjamas a Tradition?

Christmas Eve pyjamas are a tradition for some, but not all. Every family has their own idea of traditions and what they like to do over the festive period, but new pyjamas is an ever-growing trend with matching family Christmas Eve pyjamas becoming increasingly popular. As part of our mini me collection, we have matching festive pyjamas for the full family that are sure to make this magical night even more exciting



Why Do People Wear Christmas Eve Pyjamas?

A big reason for new pyjamas on Christmas Eve is to get the little ones ready for bed as wind down time can be slightly tricky due to all the excitement for the big day. While the tradition may have started for children, it’s starting to be a big hit among the parents too with many adult Christmas pyjamas now up for grabs. Creating traditions with your family is what Christmas is all about, and all opening new pyjamas on Christmas Eve together makes the night special and fills everyone with excitement. People also like to take photos on Christmas morning so it’s a great idea to be in fresh new pyjamas for those.

Christmas Eve Pyjamas for the Family

Our mini me Christmas pyjamas are perfect for both the big puds and little puds! Fun for the whole family, these are the perfect addition to your Christmas Eve. Matching with each other will look great in the family photos on Christmas morning and your little ones will love mum and dad dressing the same as them. If matching isn’t your thing then our women’s pyjamas collection has everything you need to create your own sleepwear style. With both long and short lengths, and cotton, fleece and velour materials, there’s everything you could want in a pair of pyjamas. Our men’s pyjamas have a range of Christmas styles, as well as checked styles that can be worn all year round. A fresh pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve are perfect to cosy up on the sofa in with a hot chocolate and Christmas films. While pyjamas are a popular tradition on Christmas Eve, a growing trend is a Christmas Eve box…

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve box typically contains a number of gifts for someone to open on the 24th December as a way to start the festive spirit early. Christmas Eve box fillers can be anything you want but some ideas include sweet treats, slippers and a new pair of pyjamas. New pyjamas are always great, but they’re even better when you add the excitement of Christmas to the situation. Check out our Christmas Gifts for Kids for a range of ideas to include in your box.



Whatever your Christmas Eve traditions already are, you should definitely add new pyjamas to the list! Whether you want to match with your family or want a fresh pair you can wear all year round, it’s time to get into the festive spirit and share your Christmas Eve style with us using the hashtag #mymandco. We know what we’ll be wearing this year!