The Bra Style Guide

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With a huge variety of bras to choose from, how do you know which one to go for? Well luckily for you, our experts have put together this handy guide which details each bra style and what they offer. From padded to plunge, to non-wired, underwired and more, find the perfect fit and style for you with our guide to making what’s underneath count.

What are the Different Bra Styles?

There are so many different bra styles to choose from including padded, non-wired, underwired, multi-way, plunge and full cup bras. Each style offers different benefits and which one you go for depends on your needs and preferences. Carry on reading to find out more information on each specific style.

Padded Bras

Padded bras offer an extra layer of fabric that moulds to your shape for a sleeker silhouette and excellent everyday support.

Our seam free padded bras are ideal to wear under close-fitting garments and give a very natural, projected shape to the bust.

Padded bras are available in a multitude of styles including full cup, plunge, T-shirt, balcony and push up bras.

Non-Wired Bras

When comfort is key, opt for a smooth and soft non-wired bra to give you a natural shape and gentle support.

Find your perfect fit from a wide range of styles including post-surgery, nursing, seam free, sports and non-wired bras.

 Underwired Bras 

Underwired bras offer close fitting support for your bust with wiring to shape the cups.

These bras aim to give you maximum shape and a lift to the bust creating a very flattering silhouette. This style helps to maximise a smaller bust and offers outstanding support for a fuller bust.


Multi-way Bras

The most versatile bra to have in your wardrobe is a multi-way bra.

This multi-tasker works with every outfit, with adjustable strap options to suit your style.

These bras are the perfect option when wearing strapless, halter neck and one-shoulder tops and dresses.

Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are cut lower on the cup to offer a more defined shape, making them ideal for wearing with low cut necklines.

Our underwired plunge bras contour your cleavage to give you curves in all the right places.

Firm Support Bras

Offering a secure, comfortable fit with wider straps, this bra style offers maximum coverage and support – perfect for those with a bigger bust.

Our full cup bras are available up to a H cup. Choose from soft cotton and lace non-wired styles for everyday wear or supportive underwired minimiser bras for a sleeker silhouette.


How do I Know if my Bra Fits Properly?

Having a bra that fits properly really matters. A properly fitted bra will offer comfort and support and will leave you feeling your best. A couple of factors to look out for include the cup and the straps. The cup of the bra should fit snugly with no gaping at the top and you should adjust your straps accordingly to give support to the cup, all while making sure it’s comfortable for you.

Want to learn more about the perfect fit for your bra? Take a look at our bra fit guide to find our bra fit checklist, as well as how to measure your bra size and a bra size calculator.