A Guide to Layering

Have jumpers, T-shirts and coats galore but not sure how to wear them when the weather gets chilly? Not too sure on the temperature of where you’re going? Our handy guide will help answer the most-asked questions and master the art of layering clothes for cold weather to keep you looking stylish and cosy.

What does dressing in layers mean?

Dressing in layers means wearing several lightweight pieces of clothing over each other that will allow you to create warmth over different items, rather than 1 or 2 bulky pieces that can’t be removed without losing all the heat. Layering clothes is a great option, especially in the cooler weather, when you’ll be inside and out or transitioning between climates. This technique focuses on the upper layer of your body, rather than the bottom. Lighter t-shirts or shirts are a great base layer, as they are easy to wear and don’t feel heavy. Layering can still be done with shirts and dresses, but you might not need as many layers as these pieces tend to be a little thicker. Layering is one of the best ways to make use of your knitwear. Now that the temperature is a little cooler, these pieces keep you warm and stylish. Adding knitted pieces over your base layers means they can be removed easily if you find it too warm. Adding this middle knitwear layer rather than a t-shirt and coat ensures you don’t get too cold when you take off your jacket. Depending on your knitwear, choose an appropriate jacket. A luxe faux fur coat looks fantastic, but if you have a roll neck or jumper on underneath, opt for a leather jacket or borg aviator. Each of these layers can be removed depending on the weather, especially if it’s unpredictable! Layering is a great option for indoor to outdoor events or activities; it means you’ll reduce the risk of being too warm or too cold.


How do you wear layered clothes?

When layering clothes, you need to choose the right items to do so correctly. Wear outer layers that can be easily removed such as coats, jumpers, scarves and gloves and stick to one-or-two colour families to ensure your clothing compliments each other well. You should also keep your layers light with an addition of one bulky item. 

Don’t be afraid to have fun with layering clothes to stay warm. Patterned shirts look great tucked into jeans with heavier boots, and coats come in all shapes and sizes. Sweaters are a key piece for layering, they can be worn on their own or under a pinafore or shirt dress for a cosy base layer. Keep your colour palette tight when layering to streamline your overall look. Tonal colours work well, especially since you’ll be wearing quite a few pieces so you’ll want a cohesive outfit. Stylish dresses are always ideal for winter layering and great for adding a fun print to your outfit. A cosy cardigan or jumper will look effortlessly chic when thrown over an on-trend roll neck jumper. If you’re not keen on too many layers on top, look for tights under dresses and trousers to give you an added layer on the legs. Boots will also keep your toes warmer than trainers in the rain and snow. When layering clothes for winter, don’t forget to add in accessories. A chic scarf, statement belt and hat are all important to creating a flattering, stylish silhouette.

How many layers should you wear in winter?

There’s no set number of layers that you should wear in winter. Depending on the weather and where you are going, your outfit will want to match. If you’re planning on being outdoors at a market or event, then a heavy coat or jacket will help keep you warm. Check out our Buyer’s Edit to find the most stylish outerwear picks the M&Co team are loving this season. For indoor events, layering clothes is key here. While it might be cool outside, you’d want to remove your heavy layers but still look great. Cardigans and jumpers are a great way to stay warm but either add layers if it’s cool or remove if the temperature is a little warmer.


Now you’ve become an expert on layering, make sure to browse our new in edit for all the latest trends and styles to help you create gorgeous layered looks this season.