As Winter holidays are in their peak and we start to think about our Summer holidays, here at M&Co we have been hard at work designing the best swimwear styles on the high street, from flattering swimsuits to bright bikinis. However, along with a brand-new costume comes lots of questions on wear and care. But don’t worry, we’ve written this swimwear style guide to answer the most frequently asked questions and make sure you get the most out of your new swimwear!

Swimwear Style

Everybody can wear a swimsuit, and there’s a swimsuit for every body! Whether you’re looking for a style that hides your tummy or lifts your bust, the key is knowing your body shape and what you’re looking to enhance. We have a range of bikinis and swimwear for different body types, so keep on reading to find out what’s going to make you feel like the best version of you this summer!



The different types of swimwear

Our swimwear is designed to flatter and make you feel as confident as you can be. Each style can do different things, so it’s all about choosing your favourite. In our separates range we have bikini tops with and without underwire and bikini bottoms that come in a traditional bikini cut as well as the retro-popular high-waisted style for a little more control. For some extra coverage we have other options that we know you’ll love including slimming swimwear, tankinis and full swimsuits with thin/wide/multi-way straps. We also have a range of super stylish beach cover-ups that are perfect for slipping on when walking around.

Can I wear a bra under my swimwear?

It isn’t necessary to wear a bra under your swimwear as it will add bulk and create an unflattering shape. Swimsuit material is largely nylon & spandex, which is designed to dry quickly in warmth. If you’re worried about the lack of support from your swimwear, look for an underwired or cup-sized top, or high-waisted bikini. These provide plenty of support and coverage.

Swimwear for different body types

Our range of swimwear was designed for all shapes and sizes. From glam bikinis to the best swimsuit to hide your tummy, we have one for every woman. On offer are different types of swimwear such as tankinis and slimming, and in a range of printed, subtle and block colours. Have a look at our handy guide below to find your closest body shape. Our swimwear does lots of different things for lots of different body types. If you have a fuller bust, look for underwired swimsuits or supported separates. For those wanting more coverage, high-waisted bottoms are on trend and tankinis flatter the tummy. Bright patterns in a ruched design can really accentuate a straighter shape. Find out more about what suits your body shape in our swimwear fit guide.

What can I wear to the beach besides swimwear?

Lightweight day dresses and shorts are the perfect alternative to swimwear if you’re not keen on a bikini or swimsuit. They not only provide more coverage but keep you protected from the sun too. A printed maxi-dress can take you from the beach to the bar in no time, just accessorise with some glam sandals and tote bag for maximum style points.

What do you wear over swimwear?

Our beach cover-ups are the perfect go-to for something to wear over your swimwear. Whether you’re heading out for breakfast or lunch, or after you’ve finished having fun splashing about in the pool, throw on one of our cover-ups to give your look the finishing touch. Bathing suit fabric dries quickly, so you’ll be ready in no time. A simple slogan tee or skirt is also a great option if you’re heading out after.



Swimwear care

So you’ve purchased your perfect poolside look and are ready to make a statement, however maintaining your swimwear is vital to making sure you get the best out of your new pieces. We’ve debunked myths on swimwear care and washing below!

Should you wash swimwear before wearing?

Yes! You should always wash your swimwear before wearing, just to be safe. Swimwear is an item that’s available to try on in-store by customers, so to make sure it’s extra clean and comfortable give it a rinse.

Can you put swimwear in the washing machine?

Washing machines use high temperatures and can be too harsh for swimwear, therefore we’d recommend giving it a hand-wash in the sink with some swimsuit detergent. ‘How to wash swimwear’ is one our most asked questions, but the answer really is easier than you think!

What happens if you put swimwear in the dryer?

Putting your swimwear in the dryer can damage and ruin them, similar to a washing machine like we mentioned above. The fabric is designed to absorb water and the temperature will be too much, so there’s virtually no need for a dry spin. Avoid at all costs!

How do I keep my swimwear from fading?

Our top tips for keeping your swimwear from fading include: • Hand-wash only: popping swimsuits in the wash can lead to faded colour and damaged fabric. • Rinse as soon as you are out the water as chlorine and saltwater can fade colours. • Leave to drip dry on the balcony or outside. A dry swimsuit will be ready in a few hours.

How do you get chlorine out of fabric?

Using a mild, non-bleach detergent and some cold water will remove the chlorine from your swimsuit. This should be done ideally as soon as you are out of the water, however as long as it’s washed it will help it fit and last longer.

How do you pack swimwear?

We would recommend taking more than 1 piece of swimwear away with you to rotate while they’re drying, so when you’re packing your suitcase make sure you stack moulded cups on each other, so they don’t lose shape. Ideas such as filling empty spaces (such as shoes) with swim separates is a handy tip, as it’s essentially wasted space in luggage. If you’re heading straight to the beach, pop one in your hand luggage! There are all-sorts of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your suitcase; however, swimwear is an easy item to pack as it’s flexible and small. We hope you’re now all ready to go with your perfect holiday look and have no worries on how to keep it looking better for longer.



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