M&Co is a family owned fashion retailer with over 260 stores throughout the UK. We are on the lookout for 10 new stores as we can see a real opportunity in growing our store network and building the M&Co brand.



M&Co Requirements:

Medium/High Affluence locations with populations upwards of 6,000

  • Market Towns eg: Farnham, Cirencester, Skipton
  • Affluent Suburbs eg: West Bridgeford, Stockton Heath
  • Commuter Towns eg: Reigate, Tring, Dorking
  • Tourist and Recreational Towns eg: Swanage, Bude, Warwick, Lymington

Ideal, 6500 sq. ft.

Ground floor sales, would consider upwards of 4000 sq. ft. Minimum frontage of 30ft.


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