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We are making a change to the way you currently earn reward points using your M&Co Storecard in M&Co.

From 15th April 2013, M&Co Reward points for purchases on your M&Co Storecard will no longer be administered through the Storecard. You will still be able to earn reward points for your Storecard purchases until the 15th April 2013*, after which the reward points you already have on your Storecard can be transferred to a new M&Co (non-credit) Loyalty card.

To continue earning Reward points in M&Co after 15th April 2013*, you will need to sign up for an M&Co Loyalty Card in-store on your next visit.

This is a very simple and quick process. The staff in your local store will be happy to help set up your new M&Co Loyalty Card there and then.

Remember your current reward points are safe, these will be transferred to your new M&Co Loyalty Card on 15th April 2013*, once you have signed up.

In future, if you use your Storecard in M&Co, you will earn your reward Points upon presentation of the Loyalty Card. You can also use the Loyalty Card when shopping on-line at

* Points can only be transferred up to 15th July 2013.

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